Friday, December 4, 2015

New Year's Day Yoga Class!!

Last Yoga classes for 2015

Mondays @ Elders' Center: December 7th and 14th
Tuesdays @ Rock Building: December 8th and 15th
Thursdays @ Rossville Community Library: Dec. 10th & 17th

New Year's Day Yoga Class
at the
Rossville Community Library
10 am to 12 noon

$10.00 per student
Preregistration is required. 
Interested students will need to reserve a spot with a payment
since there is a limited amount of space available.

This will be a prop heavy class. Many yummy supportive, restorative postures will be taught in this class.
Don't forget to wear/bring socks so your feet stay warm.

Please email me if you have never attended one of my classes but would like to attend this special restorative class.


Friday, November 20, 2015

New Workshops Coming Up in the New Year!

I am excited to announce 
a new Foundations Workshop 
that will be focusing on your feet. 

The first class will be taught at the 
Rossville Community Library.

After that, I will be pursuing other locations to teach this important and informative class.

This is a class about foot health with the most up-to-date bio-mechanical info on what your feet need in terms that anyone can learn and then incorporate into daily life. You will learn easy exercises, foot anatomy, and suggestions on what footwear will benefit your feet the most.

Check back in January for more details!


~ Cat


Friday, September 18, 2015

Strong foundations

Last night's class was a wonderful surprise. We had 11 students total, which is a record for that location. I definitely will bring more props from home for future classes just in case everyone returns for more fun.

I did have one student inquire about an advanced class I might be teaching. I hope I addressed that student's questions fully. After a little reflection, this is what I would like to say in general about my classes.

If you attend on a regular basis, you will not only receive individual attention to what you need to work on in your Yoga practice,
you will also receive instructions on how to improve your flexibility, strength, and stamina while learning about anatomy and proper alignment.

What is wonderful about working with a teacher on a regular basis is that you can see the teacher's progression within the asana to help the student receive more profound instructions.
I know this to be a fact for me, personally.

 I attend as many Yoga workshops as I can with senior level teachers Judith Lasater and Doug Keller. Videos can be helpful but nothing compares to a direct connection to a teacher who can give you immediate feedback. What those teachers (and many others in the past) have given to me is priceless.

Again, I really enjoyed the energy of last night's class. 
Thank you to all who attended.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer fun!

Please check here regularly for Yoga cancellations or additions. I hope your summer has been wonderful thus far.

Although I will never keep up with the weeds, I had a nice evening last night just admiring my gardens. I let the newest little hens out so they could run and play (the older hens needed a reprimand several times to leave the youngsters alone). The baby orioles that we could see and hear from the front porch have left their hanging nest. They are a bright orange and their parents love the fruit from our Mulberry tree.

I did take some pictures of our flowers in bloom but I need to upload them to my computer. What you see above was taken a few years ago when my husband and I hiked up in the Colorado mountains. As you can see, it was beautiful.

Be well and I hope to see you on the mat.



Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday class REVISITED

I am attempting to recruit Yoga students for a second Yoga class on
Thursdays from 6:30 - 8 pm.

If you are interested in a class, I need 4 students minimum.
Please either email me at
let Adrienne at the Rossville Community Library know that you would like to attend a class (and leave your name and number so you will be contacted).

I have one lovely student who would like to take a Yoga class twice a week. 

In other news, the Sunday Yoga class has been filling up lately. Not completely full.....not yet. If you are interested in a Yoga class, now would be a great time to start. The Sunday class has many new-to-Yoga students. We will be focusing a lot on form so that you will feel comfortable practicing at home with confidence. The Rossville library also has some wonderful Yoga books that you can check out to help you along the way.

As always, email me with any further questions.