Friday, January 18, 2013

Be prepared for change

I am currently working with the director at the 
Rossville Community Library to provide a weekly Yoga class.  
Please check back as details will be provided 
once we find out what the community needs.

This is exciting news for me because it would not only mean that would be teaching closer to my home but also that I would get to know my community. 
As you may know already, I value a community connection very much.

What does this mean for my current Topeka classes?
Well, I would probably be eliminating one of the two classes I am currently teaching. Since I only have one long term student attending classes, I may stop teaching at the Learning for Life Center when my lease is up in May. 

I currently pay rent, drive into town Thursdays and Saturdays. My one regular student usually attends one class per week. As much as I care about this one student, I cannot foresee renewing my contract with LFLC when it expires, with the amount of students I currently have (which is one). I know that teaching Yoga is not a money maker but this is tipped so much in the opposite direction that a change needs to happen and soon.

So if you have wanted to take a class from me at the LFLC, now is the time. If I somehow start to get more regular students, then the equation has changed and I will re-evaluate. Right now, I see no other alternative to the path that I am taking right now.

In other news: I may teach at the Hope Center or the Women's Jail. I have not inquired about it yet. I want to see what is happening with the Rossville library first, then figure out the volunteering aspect of my teaching afterwards. So I won't stop teaching, it is just that who and where I teach may change dramatically.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me:

~ Cat