Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Yoga Props Suggestions

From time to time I receive questions on where I buy my Yoga props. I have even had business owners that I rented Yoga teaching space from want to purchase my props when I moved. And no, I did not sell those props.

I put together a little link box just to the left of this message at the top of the smaller left column for easy access.
  • My cotton blankets are from Yoga Props
  • My thicker bolsters are from Hugger Mugger, as well as their 4-inch thick blocks and cotton straps (with metal D rings which make them weight baring).
  • The squishy rectangular bolsters are from It's Simply Zen (though they seem to be out at the moment). The company that makes the bolsters is Manduka. I also have Manduka wool blankets that I love in the wintertime!
  • The Yoga Center of Lawrence, where I first started teaching Yoga way back in 1999, has nice props from a small Yoga business in Dallas called Yoga Mart. I have only purchased books from Yoga Mart, but I thought I would put Marge's store in the mix since I know she sells quality products.
I hope that helps!!


~ Cat