Wednesday, December 11, 2019

last minute cancellation

I just found out moments ago
that the library won't be
available for a class this
Thursday. They are putting
down new carpeting in the room
that I normally teach
on that very day.

Sorry for the short notice.

If you are interested in a class
on Thursday, December 18th,
I would love to hear from you.
It's nice to know if I will have
any students show up
since everyone is so
busy this time of the year.

If you are planning on attending
class next week please 
email me at

Thank you!!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

December 2019 schedule


No classes will be held
on Thursday, December 5th,
at either the tribe or the
Rossville Community Library.


I am happy to teach two
classes at the library if there
are interested students.
The dates would be
Thursdays, December
12th and 19th.

Prices for the rest of 2019
are $5 per class if you pay for the month
(in this case it would be $10)
$7 for each drop-in.


Prices for 2020
will be $10 if you pay for 
the month in advance
$15 for each drop-in.


I hope you and yours
had a wonderful

Monday, November 11, 2019

Announcements & Housekeeping

I have been a small business owner,
or really a "private contractor,"
for 20 years now. I have taught at
yoga centers, schools, libraries,
friend's homes, art centers, and
extra rooms at the court house
to judges and clerks.

As with any small business, it is a struggle
to make things affordable but also
priced so that I can actually make
enough to pay my bills.

Since I have moved just outside Delia
a little over 8 years ago, I have not been
able to "break even." While I would like
to continue to teaching I need to start
figuring out how to pay for the workshops
that I take every year to keep up my studies
and to stay registered with Yoga Alliance (which
are two annual expenses: insurance and

If you have made it this far, thank you!

I just feel the need to explain why I will 
need to raise my prices starting 
January 2020. If this increase is too much of a 
financial burden for you, I understand.
I am in a similar situation with regards to paying
for teacher trainings towards my continuing
education credits. Essentially, I want to continue 
to teach and I want to pay my bills. With that said,

I will be raising my
class prices
$10 per class 
if paid at the
beginning of the month 
$15 for a drop-in
January 2020.


Do know that I love teaching very much but it 
has been brought to my attention that I may 
not be able to write-off my expenses as 
a business owner for much longer. 
The government might see what 
I do as more of a "hobby" 
than an actual business since I have been 
losing money for at least 8 years.


I am going to continue to provide the best
possible classes each week while trying 
to get the word out
about my classes, and see if there
is a need or want for what I teach to more

I do believe what I teach is quite 
valuable and I use the techniques I teach
in class every single day to keep my body
aligned and well. I would
like to think that my regular students
come back for the very same reasons.

Our health should be one of our
highest priorities. We cannot be
of service to our communities, our
families, and the general populace
if we are not well.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please email me at:

Thank you!


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

New Year's Day class announcement!!

New Year's Day
will be here before you know it!

I will be teaching my annual class
 again this upcoming 
New Year's Day at the RCL from
10 am to 12 noon.

We will have a different
focus this year.

The class is called:
Work Hard,
Rest Easy

The first hour will be dedicated
to a more vigorous stretching
and strengthening focus, while
the second half will be the
delicious restoratives that our body
craves afterwards.

It's easy for me to say that this is a 
class you won't want to miss!!

$15.00 pre-paid
$20.00 drop-in that morning


P.S. I will be increasing my rates in January
to help with paying for my on-going training.
If you have been considering dropping-in
to a class, now would be the time to see if
my class is something that works for you before
the price increase. Just a thought.