Friday, July 20, 2018

All classes cancelled for next week

No yoga classes
will be taught
either at the Tribe
or at RCL.

The dates are listed below, 
so hopefully there isn't any confusion.

No classes: Tuesday, July 24th, 
Wednesday, July 25th, 
and Thursday, July 26th.

Also, due to the Gathering
at the PBPN, no class will be held
on Wednesday, August 1st.

Be well and I will see you soon.

~ Cat

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bad weather and yoga

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's tornado season once again.
I just wanted to gently
remind everyone that if there is a severe
weather alert....I may cancel class and
stay safe at home.

 I always try to post cancellations
on this website a couple hours
before the actual class.
That said, just know that sometimes
during a deluge, my internet service
may be interrupted. 

My regulars are
always welcome to text me.
If you don't hear from me
right away, I do sometimes get delayed
texts from time to time
for whatever reason.
Country internet and cell
phone reception can be a challenge.

If it looks severe and you think
you should stay home, please
go with that instinct. 

My hope is that we just receive
some gentle, nourishing rains
this evening.

Be well. Take care.

~ Cat

Monday, April 23, 2018

New Students at the Rossville Library

If you are a new student that would
like to attend class this spring or summer,
please email me. The classes are small
presently and I am trying to assess
how many props to keep
at the library.

I will more than likely have enough props for
3 students, since that seems to be the
largest number of students these days.

Summers are always busy time for everyone, 
so my hope is that my current students 
will let me know if they cannot make it to class.

Regardless, I love teaching at the library
and would love to see you there.

Please contact me 
if you have any further questions.

~ Cat

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Exciting News

I will be teaching both my foot health and shoulder health 
classes again very soon in Delia. 
I just wanted to get the word out, and I should have times and 
dates nailed down in a few weeks.

I am also hoping to get my knee health class finalized 
in a couple of months. It's an important subject for many, 
and I feel that most will be surprised at the information 
that will be presented.

The knee may be the location of the pain but the issue(s) may reside elsewhere. 

As Katy Bowman would say, "Alignment matters."

Monday, January 29, 2018

Restoratives this week!!

Hi Everyone!!

It seems like it has been awhile since
I last taught. I recently had some head 
cold that wouldn't let go for a couple of weeks.

I am feeling much better now, especially after
attending a 3-day workshop with
my favorite yoga teacher,
Judith Hanson Lasater.

If you are planning on attending yoga this week
then be prepared to RESTORE!!
We will stretch and twist to start and then
drape ourselves over props to relax fully.

Sounds good? I hope so.
See you soon.

~ Cat