Friday, November 15, 2013

Just a quick update.

I am very excited about the progress of my Yoga studio/fiber studio. This photo is an older one but it shows how lovely (and empty) it is. I have the entry, the north wall and 2 coats on the south wall. Tomorrow I should have the south wall completed. Then the ceiling and the loft next. It seems slow going but I want to do this project to the best of my abilities, so I don't have to do it again!

I am still teaching (and loving every minute of it) my Sunday Yoga classes at the Rossville library. Though the classes are usually small, I do have some devoted students. I also hope to teach another knitting class in the new year.

I have also finished my Reiki II training several months ago. I have enjoyed working with my friend and teacher, Marta Schwartz, and would highly recommend her if you are interested in receiving training in Reiki.

Recently, I have enrolled for a correspondence course with one of my favorite herbalists, Rosemary Gladstar. I have her very thick binder full of all the coursework right next to me and look forward to gaining more herbal knowledge from her teachings. After working at a health food store for 7 years, being a vegetarian for 10 years (although no longer) and studying Ayurvedic medicine for 11 years, I feel thankful that this showed up at exactly the right time. Ask and you shall receive.

Next year, I will have been teaching Yoga for 15 years. I will see if Yoga Alliance will accept my application for the "experienced" Yoga teacher designation. If accepted, then my classes can be used towards contact hours for either teachers in training or on-going teachers. I can also (in the eyes of Yoga Alliance) teach teachers and they will be recognized and registered with Yoga Alliance. Whatever the outcome with YA, I have always enjoyed and will continue to help students take care of themselves. Empowerment through knowledge, learning together all the while. We will see where this path takes me in the future.

Blessings and good health to you and your families during this upcoming holiday season and into the New Year!  

Be well. Namaste`

~ Cat

P.S. To those that have taken classes with me (in Lawrence or elsewhere) I will be opening up the studio for private or semi-private classes. As you can see in the photo, there is a wonderful Yoga rope wall, so the options are endless. I look forward to seeing your lovely faces soon. xxoo