Friday, August 16, 2013

YOGA: Coming to a convention near you!!!


I had a wonderful adventure yesterday. I was fortunate to teach some librarians Yoga at a convention they were having in Lawrence. It was a fun challenge to come up with something worthwhile for them, since we only had a chair for a prop (remember I am a Iyengar teacher which means we use lots of props). They were in "street clothes" with no sticky mats on carpeting. I was possibly never going to see them again so I wanted to give them easy, practical postures that they could do throughout the day that might relieve their bodies from the everyday stresses of life.

At least from my perspective, I feel that it was a success. We only had an hour, which isn't long, but we covered a lot of territory on how to open the chest, stand in a way that uses the structure (bones) in a healthy way and a few other tried and true stretches that keep the spine happy. All relatively easy stuff, especially if performed every day.

Good fun, to be sure.

And I already have someone who wants me to teach in Topeka in the next couple of months at another convention. Who knew? Sounds like another wonderful challenge for me as I share the wealth of information that my teachers have given me over the years about a subject I am very passionate about: Yoga!

Much love to you one and all as you go about your busy days. I do hope that you will give yourself enough time to just sit, be present, and revel in all that you have helped create. You most certainly are needed. Spread the love and it will come back in the most amazing ways.


~ Cat

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