Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yoga Props and More!

After using Yoga props for over 16 years, I will have to say that I have some opinions, for sure.  One opinion is that I don't like making bolsters!  I made a cover for an old friend (a bolster that I have had for 16 years) which wasn't really a problem.  Now making a bolster from scratch is another issue altogether.  I don't recommend it.  

Recently I attended Judith Hanson Lasater's Relax and Renew Workshop (and I am currently putting together my project to get certified).  I saw a lot of props (and used them) at this workshop.  I think there was one pose that I counted 10 blankets, one bolster, and two blocks being used!  Fun.....truly.

Basically, after looking around at what yogis and yoginis were using, I was curious about the Manduka company so I looked them up on their website.  I was quite impressed with their desire to not only make long lasting products but also to use recycled materials in their props, like wool in their Yoga blankets.  I was hooked.

Like most people, I was looking for an affordable yet kind on the environment product.  That's when I found the company It's Simply Zen.  Wonderful customer service and, of course, wonderful products to choose from.  I will have to be honest, though.  The deciding factor was the free shipping.  Shipping, as you know, can be more expensive than the products bought.  

It's Simply Zen has free shipping.  Check them out if you are interested in great products.  I will have them in my new studio, to be sure.

Happy holidays to all!




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